A.I. website builders are a great and easy way to create a good starting website for DIY users.  After the website is created, further customization is limited. 

WebAsOne is not for DIY. Need the training to create a starting website.

When building a website, we need to ask one question: How fast can you iterate to meet the customer's request?

Websites creation usually takes several iterations. WebAsOne will be able to provide instant feedback customizations. 

WebAsOne is a continuous process improvement platform. WebAsOne can add the A.I. website builder as a new process.

It is hard or impossible for the  A.I. website builder to move to expand to WebAsOne without a significant code rewrite.
Figma is a fantastic and useful design tool. 

WebAsOne's design feature is fundamental. WebAsOne integrates the open-source svg-edit to do the design. It has limited features but can serve many cases. SVG is also great for different screen sizes.

WebAsOne is a continuously adding new design platform. Use Figma to design and add the new design to WebAsOne.

WebAsOne is a single-stage website design process. 

Using Figma to design and integrate it into a website takes time. In case of any change, you need to repeat the process. Integrating the images needs lots of effort.

WebAsOne can handle any change instantly, anytime.