The ultimate, continuous improving

all-in-one business website platform.

Serve globally.




How it works.




1. Find an existing website.


  • Our goal is to a duplicate similar website with your feedback, at the speed of 3 minute per page.
  • Limited to available growing 2400 design/layout/app patterns.





2. Instant live chat design.


  • Use contents first approach.
  • Free https secure websites.
  • Using live chat, instant interactive design through a continuous updating live website.



3. Continuous improving. 


  • Your will website will never be outdated. 
  • Changes are always welcome, small or big.
  • Latest technologies and design trends are always available.


Fully managed, high performance SSD server.

Average 0.8 to 1.5 load time seconds website.

Serving USA, London, Singapore, Frankfurt, Tokyo.


Price - See the website before you pay



Basic - $10 per month.
  • Up to 2 hours free interactive design.
  • Mostly likely see a deployable decent website with 2 hours of interactive design.
  • To beautify design, $100 + $50*NumberOfPages.
Premium - $20 per month.
  • Self updates on most contents.
  • Dedicated SSD high performance server.


  • Hire our expert, $75 per hour.
  • Build in simple E-commerce.
  • SEO, copy write.
  • Up to 800 pages, complicated websites.
  • Localize website ready.
  • Full stack website applications available.



Chat support within 24 hours.