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See Your Website Before You Pay

The most common way of the website-building process needs lots of communication before the project is finalized.

Because WebAsOne's single-stage process, we will communicate through a real proto-type website: Instant interactive custom website design.

Iteration : 
   (1) The overall basic design, layout, and sample image/text will be in place during the interactive design process. Our goal is at the speed of 3 minutes per custom page.
   (2) The client will provide draft content.
   (3) With the draft content in place, the draft website will be ready. The client can request to change the design and layout anytime.

In most cases, two iterations will be sufficient. 

WebAsOne is based on Bootstrap 4.6.1, and the backend is Apache(Nginx)/PHP.

Per page can include three parts.
     (1) Content and design
     (2) Third-party APIs embedded in PHP or JavaScripts codes
     (3) WebAsOne integrated web apps.

The 3 minutes per custom design goal is limited by the available 1400 AsOne Blocks. 

WebAsOne is a continuously improving platform.  We will continue to add more design blocks or web apps, so the scope of the 3 minutes custom page will increase. The newly added WebAsOne blocks will be available to all existing websites.

The time to create a custom website that meets customers' needs depends on how fast they provide the content.

While the common way is still discussing the spec, WebAsOne already finishes creating the customer website.

This is why WebAsOne can provide "See Your Website Before You Pay."