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WebAsOne's unfair advantage

Value-based Marketing

I started WebAsOne 16 years ago and could accept customers ten years ago. I refuse to do it. Why? Having customers will stop my innovations. The vertically integrated website platform is well-tested, scale-ready, and starting to accept customers.

WebAsOne Vision: Local agencies around the world. One agency per city. An agency starts with one or two people. Agencies can help each other. 

It is hard to start a local website digital agency.

Why? No unique advantages.

A marketing-driven company that competes alone against others using similar technologies.
Hard to keep up with changes, including SEO, trends, or the latest technologies. The scope of projects is limited.

WebAsOne uses value-based marketing that provides the best value for customers.

They are not serving communities. Hard to provide the best values for customers.

At its core, WebAsOne is not a software development company. WebAsOne is a vertically integrated, continuously improving website platform and process-streamlining company.

Ready to build all kinds of websites, from simple to CNN-complexity websites.

With drag-and-drop design blocks and one click to create a live website instantly, billions of combinations are available.

The ultimate question is how fast to honor customers' requests.
Next will be the scope of the recommendations to accept.

Current website processes are through stages, and any changes to the previous step will be difficult or impossible. Starting by scoping the project will need lots of communication. Sometimes the customers do not know what they want.

WebAsOne unfair advantage — WebAsOne changes the multi-stages to a single stage.
 i.e., Can make changes to all parts of an existing website, including design, complete layout, etc.

Instead of spending resources on marketing, WebAsOne creates a free local website listing service website that serves the local community. See reddinglist.com. 

(1) "See your website before you pay."- WebAsOne's strategy.

With a few questions answered by the customer or by duplicating the layout of an existing website, WebAsOne can most likely create a live prototype website in 10 minutes. The best way to communicate is to see the live website. A 10 minutes prototype check can save a vast amount of communication time and effort. The prototype can easily be continuous updates according to customer feedback. In most cases, the customers can see a working prototype close to their liking in three iterations.

(2) One person can manage hundreds of websites — another competitive advantage. Bottom-up approach: Can complete with existing low-cost providers. Also, serve complex websites at a fraction of the cost.

(3) "Continuous improving high-performance website." — The website will not be outdated.

(4) Cost advantage. WebAsOne can compete with any cheap website solution. WebAsOne uses Linode's high-performance Nano servers($5 monthly) as starting servers. A starting management server, $10 per month, can manage 200 remotely hosted websites. A starting hosting server,$10 per month, can serve up to 200 average size websites.

(5) You are not alone. Continuous adding new design blocks, web apps, and turnkey websites by others and WebAsOne. Continuous increase in the scope of websites to serve more customers. For example, the management server will have a new design block and document update nightly.

(6) WebAsOne continuous process improvement. The management server includes SuiteCRM and Bugzilla. Next will be to customize SuiteCRM for the workflow of agencies.

(7) "Good artist copy, great artist steal." WebAsOne steals codes from the internet by making them independent/reusable components that could include HTML, CSS, vanilla JS, and PHP files. Current features include 1000+ design blocks, mini-shopping carts, Yii2 RBAC, email subscription, form, apps built by Vue/Svelte/jQuery/GSAP3, and third-party APIs.

WebAsOne can handle simple to complex components efficiently and is ready to add thousands more. Next is to add/refine the components. For example, WebAsOne's email subscription function is limited compared to SendGrid. Stealing from SendGrid, but in a simpler environment of one user per server.

After stealing, put it into a scale-ready WebAsOne. WebAsOne scale by multiplying servers. There are so many new processes and architectural advantages that are very different from current practices. This article only describes part of the list.

The best way is to try it yourself. It is free. You will have plenty of surprises.