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Management Website Overview

The management website is where vertically integrated, single-stage processes happen.

As stated in "WebAsOne Manifesto," the asone-website is stored in a directory. The website at the hosting server is the output of asone-website. I used to be afraid of making changes to the website because it might break.

Updating live websites!

With WebAsOne, the fear of updating a live website is almost gone. Changing the layout or adding/deleting modules/pages are light operations and easy to revert. Users can edit a live webpage efficiently and with confidence.

Steps to create a website

  • Use UI design to create a proto-type website
  • Goto Google domain to register a domain
  • Allocating a Linode VSP server
    • Configure the Linode server with HTTPS
    • Setting up an FTP connection to the Linode server
    • Take about 5 minutes
  • Updating the live website

Quick intro video: management web intro

Server Operations: Most are done by one or multiple clicks
  • Rename/Redeploy a website
  • Add FTP credentials
  • Create/Delete/Duplicate a website
  • WebMaster adds users and then assigns selected shortCuts to the users.

Website management operations: this is just a short list.
  • Update the website
  • Create/Delete pages
  • Add modules to a page and assign shortCuts
  • Editing page layout
  • Update navigation/title/meta
  • Add a locale
  • Editing HTML tree array
  • Use Google to translate contents
  • Upload images. Perform image operations, including compress and lots operations.
  • Inserting designs, copy records
  • Create snapshot.
  • Auto last 3 saves. Also last 10 min, 1 hr, and 1 day.
  • Restore from snapshot or autosaves.