The entire website is stored in an HTML parent and children data tree, which contains div with class ids. Every website update is to make changes to the data tree and click the "Update Website" to reflect on the hosting website. The "Update Website" will go through the entire creating process. The actual website is the data tree. This is why WebAsOne is a one-stage process. The data tree has many divs, but only a tiny subset is on the website pages.

The AsOneBlocks can be used in two places. (1) the management website, (2) the UI design website. Most AsOneBlocks can be shared, but some are not. In most cases, AsOneBlocks occupy a div with class id.

Use the UI design website to proto-type a website and then use the management website. 

Or use the management website to create a custom website directly.

In advanced editing mode, use the management website to edit the data tree directly. A typical operation is to insert an AsOneBlock to a page and then create a shortcut.

The definition of AsOneBlock is very broad and includes anything related to creating a website.
  • Create a local TinyMCE and extend TinyMCE AsOneBlock easy
  • The master server will push AsOneBlock nightly for any new blocks
  • 140+ theme colors
  • switch theme anytime on new or existing websites
  • complete new bootstrap 4 theme