Vertically integrated website business system

The most cost/labor-efficient to run a local agency

Easy to start with a two-person team

SaaS to build SaaS
WebAsOne Manifesto, WebAsOne's unfair advantage
WebAsOne UI Design, Management Website Overview
See your website before you pay

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The constant is changes

WebAsOne is a platform for changes

Paradigm Shift

Multi-stage process to single-stage

  • Continuous improving almost all-changeable websites
  • Ready to create simple to CNN-complexity websites
  • Unlimited templates, No-code platform
  • Multi-languages CMS platform
  • Easy to create reusable design blocks
  • Continuous processes improvement

"Good artist copy, great artist steal."

Steals codes from the internet by making them independent/reusable components.

Digital agency as a service

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Productize websites as a service

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Localize websites as a service

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WebAsOne offers a one-year free trial of a management server for a limited time.
We reserve the right to cancel this offer.
Send mail to info@webasone.com or use the submit form.
The management server is a 1GB shared plan from linode.com. The server, which includes documents and videos, can manage about 120 average-size remote hosted websites.

One person can easily manage hundreds of websites—ideal for a one or two-person team.
You will receive equity with more than 30 active paying end customers.