WEBasOne Website Create Training

by Mark Yuan

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Custom Design Website and More.

Key Concepts

Layer 1 My Section Common Section A web page can has two sections Web page = My + Common Section
Layer 1 A section can have multiple boxes My Section, upto 8 boxes Common section, upto 5 boxes
Layer 1 Insert a asone-mb into a box An asone-mb could be - Sliders, three images, SVG ... - MailChimp, Google map - Colors, shopping cart, yii2 rbac (1496 asone-mb available)

Understand Priority

User Priority


Registered User Level 6, update content
Webmaster Level 5, change layout, design, shortCuts
Webmaster/Developer Level 5, add css, html, js, php

WEBasONE training tutorial

Video 1 : Design, create website.       

Video 2 : Use template, save website